Take Your Hands Off My Uterus

A personal account from a woman who has battled endometriosis and other reproductive health issues almost her entire life

behind the scenes

Surgery Date: September 18, 2023 Footage

One Last Night

Final look at the scar that has been my story for longer than I can remember. And now, it's starting a new journey.

New Me, New Us

This isn't just a revolution. This isn't just a rebellion. It's a renaissance.

Scars Heal

Our healing is in our own hands... in our own belief... in our own system. If you're bold enough to do it.

Renaissance has Arrived

Walking into the hospital with confidence but deep down I'm scared shitless! This is truly happening...

Representing Us all

We are NOT defined by... it is who we choose to believe who we are that defines us. My uterus doesn't make me a woman, no less than a human.

After the Pain

A heart-to-heart message as I recover from surgery. Unplanned and unscripted, so listen from that vantage point. #renaissancelove

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