This is what the patriarchy looks like

This is what Patriarchy Looks like

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In 2108, in Arizona, Rep. Athena Salman introduced a bill to end pad rationing in prisons, she called on former inmates and their advocates to testify before the all-male committee tasked with considering whether to unlock the bill for a full-vote.

Rep. T.J. Shope, chairman of the House rules committee, stopped that from happening, however. Their detailed testimony helped convince the committee to allow the bill to proceed to a full vote.

But Shope killed it, explaining that the Department of Corrections, which established the 12-pads per month rule, and not state lawmakers should change the rules on their own.

In response, women and their advocates from around the world launched the #LetItFlow campaign and flooded the offices of Shope and his male colleagues with pads, tampons, and even money.

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In 2022, Spain’s plan to become the first European nation to allow women to take “menstrual leave” from work has sparked a debate that has split the country’s leftist coalition government and unions.

The head of the main opposition conservative Popular Party (PP), Alberto Nunez Feijoo, said it was up to doctors to decide when sick leave is warranted.

While the main labour unions take issue with the measure saying “it could stigmatise women in the workplace and favour the recruitment of men.”

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