It was just a joke…

It’s easy to chalk up misogyny as comedy these days. While a sense of humour is generally accepted as a coping mechanism for understanding ideals outside of one’s perspective, but let’s not leave it as an excuse. There are many possible reasons why men might make jokes about menstruation.

One reason may be that they are not fully informed or educated about the topic, and they may not understand the full range of experiences and emotions that menstruation can involve. These jokes can sometimes be a way of dealing with unfamiliar or uncomfortable territories.

Another reason may be that men are influenced by the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding menstruation that are prevalent in many cultures. These stigmas can include the belief that menstruation is dirty, shameful, or embarrassing, and that it is a topic that should not be discussed openly.

Men who make jokes about menstruation may be perpetuating these stigmas and contributing to a culture of silence and taboo around the topic.

It is important for men to recognise the impact of these jokes and to challenge and address the stigmas surrounding menstruation. They can have a much better impact on the lives of menstruating individuals, whether as partners, friends, family members, or members of their community when they are informed.

By supporting and advocating for menstrual health and rights, men can help to create more inclusive and supportive environments for menstruating individuals. This can include providing access to menstrual products, advocating for policies that support menstrual health, and promoting education and awareness about menstruation.

Additionally, being supportive and understanding of menstruation can help to strengthen relationships and foster greater empathy and understanding between men and menstruating individuals.

It can also promote greater gender equality and empowerment for all individuals.

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