Coffee may make period cramps worse – here’s why you should save it for later in your cycle

If you’ve always assumed that PMS is just part of the menstruation process, then think again: we can significantly reduce our symptoms by changing the way we exercise and eat in the run-up to our period. Here’s how to beat period burnout, once and for all.

PMS is something loads of us battle against on a monthly basis. Whether it’s dealing with piercing cramps, navigating cravings or fighting against the tears, feeling premenstrual can be a lot. 

However common it may be, however, we don’t have to live with PMS. Those crashing mood swings and chocolate cravings aren’t actually just par for the course when it comes to periods; they’re a product of hormonal instability. More than 80% of women say that they experience ‘significant PMS’ and cramping and that can leave us feeling totally deflated. 

How we move and eat around our cycle can, however, help to avoid period burnout. You don’t have to go through a week of hell just because you menstruate.  

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